Turn Sequence

Phase 1 – upkeep
Check stability – 1d20 +Stability -Unrest vs. Control DC
Pay consumption cost from treasury (BP – consumption)
Fill magic item slots (d% 51-100 roll on appropriate table to fill)
modify Unrest – Increase unrest by one for each kingdom stat in negative (Royal Enforcer may reduce unrest by 1, but must succeed a loyalty check or lose 1 loyalty)

Phase 2 – Edicts
Assign or change Leadership Roles
Claim and/or abandon hexes (1BP per claimed hex, must be adjacent. +1 unrest per abandoned hex)
build terrain improvements
Create and improve settlements
Create Army Units
Issue Edicts

Phase 3 – Income
Withdraw BP for personal use (2000g/1BP. +1 unrest for each BP withdrawn)
Deposit BP from personal wealth (add 1 BP per 4,000g worth of stuff put into treasury)
Sell expensive items for BP (determine sell value, divide by 4,000. add result as BP)
Collect Taxes (Economy check. divide result by 3 for BP deposited)

Phase 4 – Event
Event roll (25% chance to occur. page 220 for events)

Turn Sequence

Conquest of Cria TimtheDM