Settlement Stats

Name: The settlements Name
Alignment: The alignment of the settlement
Type: The type of settlement by size
Modifiers: A settlement has six modifiers that apply to specific skill checks made within that settlement. A settlements modifiers are determined by the settlements type, alignment, government, qualities, disadvantages and Buildings
Qualities: A settlement may have a number of qualities based on it’s type. These qualities behave like feats for the settlement.
Danger: A settlements Danger value gives a rough idea of how dangerous it is to live in that settlement.
Disadvantages: Negative modifiers to the settlement.
Government: How a settlement is governed and ruled.
Population: Approximately the number of people who live in a settlement.

Settlement statistics

Type – Modifier – Qualities – danger

Thorp -4 1 -10
Hamlet -2 1 -5
Village -1 2 0
Small town 0 2 0
Large Town 0 3 5
Small City 1 4 5
Large City 2 5 10
Metropolis 4 6 10


Corruption: A settlements corruption applies to Bluff vs. City officials and Stealth Checks made outside.
Crime: A settlements lawlessness applies to Sense motive to avoid being bluffed and slight of hand to pick pockets
Productivity: A settlements productivity applies to Craft Preform or Profession checks.
Law: A settlements law applies to Intimidate checks made to force an opponent to act friendly, Diplomacy checks against government officials, or Diplomacy checks made to call on the city guard
Lore: A settlements Lore applies to Diplomacy checks made to gather information and Knowledge checks made using the city’s resources to do research when using a library.
Society: A settlements society applies to all Disguise checks, as well as on Diplomacy checks made to alter the attitude of any non-government official.

Settlement Alignment

A settlement’s alignment not only describes the community’s general personality and attitude, but also influences its modifiers. A lawful component to a settlement’s alignment increases its law modifier by 1. A good component increases its society modifier by 1. A chaotic component increases its crime modifier by 1. An evil component increases its corruption modifier by 1. A neutral component increases its lore modifier by 1 (a truly neutral city gains an increase of 2 to its lore modifier). Alignment never modifies a settlement’s economy modifier.

Settlement Government

Autocracy: A single person rules the kingdom by popular acclaim. This person may be elected by the people, a popular hero asked to lead, or even a hereditary monarch who rules with a light hand. Modifiers: None.

Magocracy: An individual or group with potent magical power leads the kingdom and promotes the spread of magical and mundane knowledge and education. Those with magical abilities often enjoy favored status in the kingdom. Modifiers: Lore +2, Productivity –1, Society –1.

Oligarchy: A group of councilors, guild masters, aristocrats, and other wealthy and powerful individuals meet in council to lead the kingdom and direct its policies. Modifiers: Corruption +1, Law –1, Lore –1, Society +1.

Overlord: The kingdom’s ruler is a single individual who either seized control or inherited command of the settlement and maintains a tight grasp on power. Modifiers: Corruption +1, Crime –1, Law +1, Society –1.

Republic: The kingdom is ruled by a parliament of elected or appointed officials who represent the various geographic areas and cultural constituents of the kingdom, making decisions for the whole through voting, bureaucratic procedures, and coalition-building. Modifiers: Crime –1, Law –1, Productivity +1, Society +1.

Secret Syndicate: An unofficial or illegal group like a thieves’ guild rules the kingdom—the group may use a puppet leader to maintain secrecy, but the group pulls the strings. Modifiers: Corruption +1, Crime +1, Law –3, Productivity +1.

Theocracy: The kingdom is ruled by the leader of its most popular religion, and the ideas and members of that religion often enjoy favored status in government and the kingdom. Modifiers: Corruption –1, Law +1, Lore +1, Society –1.


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