The Kingdom of Cria is the newly founded micro-nation that has sprung up in the aftermath of the Great Civil War of Galt. Founded by foreigners in Mountainspring, a small mountain valley hidden away in the southern mountains of Galt.

The People
The Crian population is made up of refugees who have fled the fierce territorial fighting in the heartlands of Galts civil war. Although mainly peasants, a few members of the Galt aristocracy have sought shelter in Cria.

The Crian government is a meritocracy that prizes magical capabilities, elevating those who can cast spells to the upper echelons of society. Many of the Rulers of Cria are themselves spell casters in some capacity.

The Crian military, still in it’s infancy, is little more than a small militia of fighting men banded together to keep off bandits and large wild animals.

There Crian Settlements currently include:
Criaciti the capital city


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