Durak Oakheart

Good-natured Dwarven cleric to Sarenrae


My grandparents were born and raised in a small, isolated city deep within the earth. They were both great warriors, and fought side-by-side in huge battles against all manor of fowl beasts, barbaric savages, and ruthless orcs. They first came to the surface shortly after bringing my mother into the world in search of an easier life for their new family. They found it on the surface, settling in Andoran. My mother grew up there in safety, wanting for nothing. She married a successful dwarven merchant at a young age, and they soon started their own family.

My parents brought my older sister and I to see our grandparents nearly every week as we grew up. My sister usually disappeared into a back room to play dress up with all the gowns and gems, but I stayed for the stories. My grandfather had seen and done things that my parents could only dream of. He had ventured out into the world and made his mark. More than once, he had given his all, defeating his foe with one, last, desperate attack before crumpling from his wounds. When I was young, I dreamed of delving into those same depths and pushing myself to the brink. As I grew older, though, I related more and more to those who had brought him back from the brink of death. I began to study divinity at the local temple to Sarenrae and was drawn to the glory she embodied.

Durak Oakheart

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